Blind Item: Which Housewife Uses a Strap-On With Her Husband?

3 Sep

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I’d been wondering why the RHONJ trip to Atlantic City was left on the cutting room floor, but this blind item explains a lot. It sounds like some incredible footage and I’m bummed to hear we’ll never see it. That’s not to say that another housewife hasn’t already alluded to it on a later episode… Continue reading

Yolanda Foster’s Daughter Arrested For DUI, Blew Almost Twice the Legal Limit

22 Jul


Well here’s one you wouldn’t expect to read about for this reason. Yolanda Foster, who once famously claimed “there is nothing more ugly than a drunk woman,” had to have her love, David Foster, go bail out her drunken daughter Bella, only 17 years old, because she drove after imbibing. She blew nearly twice the legal limit for adults over 21 and almost crashed into a police car after speeding through a stop sign. I can only imagine how proud Yolanda must be right now.   Continue reading

RHONY Season 6 Reunion Trailer: Ramona Refuses to Discuss Her Marriage

22 Jul

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The entire cast of RHONY reunited for the first time since Aviva Drescher’s iconic leg throw, which rivals the table flip and the wig pull in housewives history. It’s quite stunning and after watching the clip about a thousand times, I’m still not desensitized to that mess. Whatever producer convinced her to do that deserves a huge raise. Hopefully tonight’s finale will help the ratings-challenged masterpiece that is RHONY’s sixth season. Anyway, read on to see the trailer for the entire reunion.

Continue reading

RHONJ Season 6 Tag Lines Have Arrived!

22 Jul

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Bravo fooled us for the first time ever by refusing to reveal the wives’ new tag lines in the first episode of season six. Luckily, they didn’t hold out for too long and episode two debuted brand new lines and opening footage for all the women. Check it out now! I think Dina’s is my favorite.  Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: Amber Marchese Dishes on RHONJ, Family, Fame & the Future

17 Jul


Amber Marchese is one of the fresh faces on RHONJ this season, but with only one episode under her belt, she’s already made a massive impact with viewers. From the story of her breast cancer survival, to her family, to her history with Melissa and a pair of fun twin friends, she’s already bringing more to the table than most of her predecessors. Friendly Dish is beyond grateful that Amber made some time to talk to us about the first episode and what we can expect from her on the show this year.

Continue reading

Watch Aviva Drescher Throw Her Fake Leg on RHONY Finale

16 Jul

It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for all season and I can hardly believe it’s finally here. I still can’t believe it’s actually real. I thought I’d have to wait until next Tuesday to see that prosthetic fly across the room, but the most iconic Real Housewives moment in years has already made its way online in all its majesty. If you thought Aviva was overdramatic before, wait until you see this mess.  Continue reading

RHONJ Season 6 Premiere: New Faces & New Drama In New Jersey

16 Jul


Real Housewives of New Jersey finally returned this past Sunday with a new crop of women joining the franchise. We’ve got our first housewife twins! Dina’s back! And newcomer Amber seems ready to stir the pot and make a big splash on the series! Everything my sources told me about casting was 100% true.

As expected, the Giudice legal issues will be the primary storyline. Finally, the family feuding is over. Bravo basically told them to get it together and be on their best behavior. Viewers are over it. Which means that Melissa no longer has any storyline whatsoever. And that actually doesn’t bother me at all.

But let me start from the beginning…  Continue reading

RHONJ Season 6: Kim D’s Out, Victoria Gotti’s In

14 Jul

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 1.52.45 PM

At this point, a season of Real Housewives would be nothing without the obligatory shit-stirring friend that will never get a tag line of her own. On RHONJ, Kim D’s nailed that role for four years, longer than most of them stick around. However, she finally got the boot and won’t appear on season six. Instead, Victoria Gotti will be stepping in to fill her Louboutins.  Continue reading

Jill Zarin Kills Six People in Yachting Disaster (Well, Almost)

2 Jul

Ok, so the headline is misleading, but I can’t help but come up with an excuse to share this ridiculous story I stumbled across. These days, when she’s not hawking carpets at Zarin Fabrics, Jill’s calling, texting and tweeting Andy Cohen begging for a return to Bravo, talking to the press every chance she gets and spending Bobby’s money on whatever frivolous expenditures she thinks will bring her the most press and attention. Continue reading

RHONJ Season 6: Introducing Teresa, Nicole & Amber

14 May


Bravo’s finally relaunched the Real Housewives of New Jersey portion of their website, confirming all of the casting news I covered early last fall. In case you’re playing catch up, Caroline and Jacqueline were let go, Kathy was only invited back in a part-time position, Dina returned full-time, the first twin housewives were hired, and Amber Marchese, a friend of both Melissa and the twins, was hired. Got all that? Basically the entire show got a much-needed facelift. Now let’s learn more about the new women! Continue reading

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